I Put My Husband in Front of the Camera • Brooklyn, NYC Headshot/Profile Photo Photographer



I cannot stress enough the importance of your LinkedIn (or other social media) profile photo! And I see so many dark and/or low quality ones. My husband himself had such a photo for a really long time (see the photo on the right). It changed once I “dragged” him  to the studio. Yes, I had to drag him because he had his concerns. He liked his previous photo, because he was in his working clothes. I said it was not a problem, he could wear whatever he wants. Also, he didn’t want a cheesy expression. Like that was going to happen! He knew he wouldn’t get away with it, cheesy expressions are not my specialty.

Anyway, I think we nailed it! His current photo:


And here is what usually happens during any headshot shoot:


What is your concern or your excuse for not having a decent profile photo?

Glamour Photo Shoot • Brooklyn, NYC Photographer

I am so glad Lilith came back to the studio for another shoot! This time, we kept it a bit fashion(y) as well as glamorous. I especially love the romantic feel in the first half of the shoot.


And then we went with more of a dramatic feel.


Visit my Instagram to see the behind the scene timelapse.


Happy Valentine’s Day from your favorite photographer!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves! What a perfect day to share some of Eric’s portraits I photographed recently. Well, some of the photos can be categorized as dudeoir and some have an editorial feel. Anyway, ladies, enjoy! And guys, get inspired… 



Eric Coy is a licensed massage therapist and a professional model. Visit his website here.

Ashley, Latin Ballroom Dancer • NYC Portrait Photographer

Ashley is such a talented girl! Beside her being a little fire cracker, she is a zumba addict and a yoga lover. But her main focus is on being a latin ballroom dancer. I had a chance to see her performing and I think she is amazing!


New Year, New Shoot • NYC Glamour and Contemporary Portrait

Winter is not going to stop me from photographing outdoors. In fact, it’s the winter that has a beautiful soft light most of the daylight. Too cold out there? No problem, we can combine indoor and outdoor scenes.

Below are the photos from such shoot with Lilith. She is a model and was looking to have some glam headshots taken. Enjoy!


Yoga Instructor Headshots and Portraits • Brooklyn, NYC

Meredith is one of the most amazing and sweetest yoga instructors in Brooklyn, NYC.The photos below were taken on top of the roof. Why on top of the roof? Simply because that is exactly the place where the yoga classes take place (with Meredith teaching) whenever the weather allows it. Yes, I myself attend and love them. Enjoy the photos and remember to get in touch with me to schedule your photo session!


Handsome Men and their Rescued Pets Pose for a 2015 Calendar

Recently I was part of an amazing project to help sheltered animals. Two NYC charities, Pillows for Paws and Grandpa Dave’s Creature Comforts, organized it. I photographed eight handsome men with their rescued pets (read dogs, cats and bunnies). I met such amazing animals as well as people. There is a heart-warming story behind each photo. Get your Tails of NYC RescueMen 2015 Calendar to learn the 12 inspirational stories of New York City men coming to the rescue of animals in need. And to own a calendar you are not going to let your eyes go off. The best part – your donation goes to the sheltered animals.

Here is a little sneak peek:

James A. Pierce III (Mr. May), Broadway triple-threat, and Nakia who found each other through Facebook.


Italian Prince Lorenzo Borghese (Mr. January) and Thumper,  Norwegian Forest cat who is a polydactyl (he has 7 toes on each front paw and 6 on each rear paw.)

Have you ever donated/volunteered for a good cause? What was it?


A Girl with a Henna Tattoo

Nazz is one adorable girl. She is a makeup artist. But I guess you can easily tell from the photos! She did her own makeup and hair. And she looked glamorous!


Living in Maryland she visited New York City on a special occasion (wedding of her friend). And a special occasion calls for a special treat- gorgeous henna tattoo in this case. I am so glad I got a chance to celebrate it with her!


The photo session took place in Governor’s Island and the theme was “vintage”. Sound fun, right? Yes, it was!



Dudeoir and Fine Art Photography for a Dancer/Actor

I know what you are asking – What the heck is dudeoir? Well, you are most likely not going to find it in any dictionary, but it’s a real word. It is simply a boudoir (photography) for men. That means (not just) intimate, sexy photos of a guy:


Now, since we put the term dudeoir off the table, let me put all the attention to the “dancer/singer” from the title.

Chris Schermerhorn is definitely a name you should remember. He is a young artist who I believe will become a well-known star in a near future. Originally from Ohio, he used to live in L.A. before moving to NYC. However, it was in Boston where he appeared in a theater show from Good Natured Dog Productions called Hurry Up and Wait. He is the dancer and singer. And the sweetest person ever.


Nowadays, he studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Even though I cannot tell you anything specific as of this moment, I am sure you will start recognizing the name pretty soon… Break a leg, Chris!


Having a Concept is Essential

Hearing the stories of people I’m about to photograph is very important not just for me but primarily for them. The more I know about them, the better concepts we can come up with for their portraits.

Let me tell you a bit about Kalin Brown. She is an aspiring model. We wanted to come up with three concepts. I listened to her story and learned she plays violin. Instantly we had our first concept.


She also wanted images with a bit of bohemian flavor and use flowers.


And the third concept was to photograph outdoors and to aim for a softer, dreamier feel.


What is your story? And how would you like to be photographed?