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Plandid, Candid and Posed Portraits • Brooklyn, NYC Lifestyle, Website, Headshot and Boudoir Photographer

Have you heard about the “plandids” yet? People started to go crazy for these types of photos on the Instagram. Honestly, it seems so funny to me. Why? Because in a way I have been doing exactly these kind of images for a really long time now. And it never occurred to me to call them plandids. I simply call them candid/lifestyle photos. And they are pretty much my signature, specialty. But I use a bit different technique than the one described in the article.
So, how do I achieve this style of images? I do not make my clients repeat one action over and over and over. There are only certain things I direct, the rest is leaving freedom to the person being photographed. This way I capture the real personalities. For example I point to a location that would be perfect for a certain action suggesting the client to walk towards me, look to the side or give me a fun spin around. And there IS a lot of action going on during the session. This is to achieve a variety of shots. I know you all need them for your social media. They all need to have a different feel too. Yes, I’m talking to you, small business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals – you especially need to show yourself on your website and social media as your potential clients are always curious who is behind the brand. This is a great way to connect with the right potential clients. The images need to be personal but not forced, creative and real in the same time.
The variety created during the boudoir session is excellent for telling a story. The one we print in a form of the Signature Album, the most loved specialty product.
So, do I ever take those beautiful/posed portraits? Yes, I do. Those classic portraits are the ones that are used for profile photos. Or, in the case of boudoir, these end up framed on the desk of the partner.
Leave a comment below or email me letting me know how you feel about the plandids. Is it something you would like to achieve for your social media or private use? If you answered yes, let’s set you up with a photo session. Call or email me to schedule your photo shoot.  I would love to work with you as this is exactly what I love to achieve in the photos and what I strongly believe in.

Personal Branding Photo Session for Communications Consultant for Entrepreneurs • Brooklyn, NYC Website and Blog Photographer

Anybody else starting to feel more alive and full of energy now that the spring came? You should take an advantage of it. Now is the time to sit down and plan and more importantly execute!

I always wanted to update my website and make it more useful and productive. But to be honest I’m not super good at writing. Deep down I knew I needed a help. That’s when I met Amanda! And I knew this was it, this was what I’ve been waiting for. 

Amanda Berlin is a communications consultant for entrepreneurs. I asked her a few questions, see below.

Photo of Amanda Berlin for her website, social media and newsletter by Petra Romano Photography

Amanda, communications consultant for entrepreneurs is a mouth-full! What does it exactly mean? 

I help entrepreneurs who are running soul-powered businesses articulate who they are and what they do. I help them write web copy, tell their story, and spread their message in the media. 

Photo of Amanda Berlin for her website, social media and newsletter by Petra Romano Photography

Can you tell an example when you helped one of the entrepreneurs and how it benefited her/him? 

I have helped my clients get featured in magazines and newspapers as well as online on podcasts and blogs. One of my favorite examples is of a client who is an activist for humans and reproductive rights. We got her a big feature in the feminist publication Bustle right around the time of International Women’s Day.

Photo of Amanda Berlin for her website, social media and newsletter by Petra Romano Photography

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

My clients and the people I talk to on my podcast provide the most inspiration. I find it so useful to interact with people who I can help so I can learn more about how I can help others like them. 

Photo of Amanda Berlin for her website, social media and newsletter by Petra Romano Photography

Anything new coming up for you? Something we can all look forward to?

I am launching a new service called Empowered Publicity, where I work with clients one on one to find their media opportunities and build a foundation for their brand. 

Photo of Amanda Berlin for her website, social media and newsletter by Petra Romano Photography

If you could give one advise to my readers, entrepreneurs, what would that be? 

Think about what you have to teach to various audiences and then find media outlets that will offer you those opportunities. 

You have something important to say, you have stories to tell, you have something that someone out there needs…you don’t have to wait until you have the perfect website or everything figured out before you start putting yourself out there.

Where can we learn more about you? and

Photo of Amanda Berlin for her website, social media and newsletter by Petra Romano Photography

Chef, Health Coach and Yoga Teacher in One!


Arianna Sertoli is a triple threat: clever chef, knowledgeable health coach and patient yoga teacher. She is a very warm person and easy to talk to. I asked her a little more about what she does and what inspires her. See the mini interview lower.


Arianna, tell me exactly what do you do and what inspires you?

I am an Italian enthusiast woman living in the hectic New York City, owning my business as a private chef, health coach and yoga teacher. I live in Brooklyn and I spread my love around.

To start as a private chef this entails that I cook a lot, the kitchen is my sanctuary. I organize supper clubs in various locations to debunk the idea that healthy food is not tasty. I bring healthy farm to table, local and homemade to the table. I also believe that at home you should learn how to cook and make simply meals for you and your family to stay healthy and happy. Here is where I come into, and teach you how to make this happen.

As an health coach I work with man, women and young adult and focus on making changes to fit their mental and physical goal trough different methods. Everything is custom fit. Since we are all different and one diet doesn’t fit all.

I include yoga in my practice because I believe is a great way to bring movement to the body and there are many practices to learn and keep our mind calm. In today’s world we are always pushed with many worries and stresses with meditation we can clear our mind and become more focus, and with yoga movement we can strengthen the body is a more elegant and ligneous way then simply lifting weights.


My guess is that as as a health coach you suggest incorporating a lot of vegetables and fruits in your clients’ dishes. What do you personally prefer – vegetable or fruit?

I love all kind of mother earth fruits and vegetables. As a fruit I love summer ones, peaches, berries, watermelon or apricots, as veggies the leafy greens are delicious to me, as well as I adore pumpkins of any kinds and summer zucchini.


What is your favorite dish?

I love fish and anything that goes with it is a winner for me. I am also a lover of guacamole (is so simple to make and good for you!)


What are you most excited about right now?

My Book coming out this summer! It took sometime to get the courage to do it and finally everything is falling into place. I wrote a in season cooking and yoga book that will bring you back to the simplicity of a healthy home cooked meal, as well as few yoga poses to make you feel open, relax and ready to embrace each season.


What’s your favorite quote?

Once a year go somewhere you have never been before -Dalai Lama-


When do you feel your most beautiful?

When I am next to my husband, when I do what I love, or simply when my skin has that golden tan color from the summer.

Over 50-Years-Old Fierce Woman Found a Perfect Gift for Herself • Brooklyn NYC Boudoir Photographer

The enquiry stated she is about to get married and wants a gift for her fiance. Somehow I immediately imagined 20-30 year old girl. Boy, was I wrong. Mrs I. is a proud 50 something year old power woman. We set up the date for her boudoir photoshoot and I guided her through the entire process from getting ready for the shoot to what to expect on the shoot date. It was a week before the photoshoot I got a panicky phone call. It is very natural women get so nervous right before the big day. I talked her through and in no time the shoot day arrived. 


Mrs I. came in blushed and humbled but warmed up as soon as she sit in the makeup seat. The whole session was such a blast! Ms I. found her confidence and she was unstoppable. Her words still ring in my ears–If I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. Well, guess what, we are planning a second shoot that may not be boudoir, but hey, we need to frame her fur babies too. And maybe even her husband ;-) 


See what Ms I. said about her shoot here.


Happy Valentine’s Day from your favorite photographer!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves! What a perfect day to share some of Eric’s portraits I photographed recently. Well, some of the photos can be categorized as dudeoir and some have an editorial feel. Anyway, ladies, enjoy! And guys, get inspired… 



Eric Coy is a licensed massage therapist and a professional model. Visit his website here.

Ashley, Latin Ballroom Dancer • NYC Portrait Photographer

Ashley is such a talented girl! Beside her being a little fire cracker, she is a zumba addict and a yoga lover. But her main focus is on being a latin ballroom dancer. I had a chance to see her performing and I think she is amazing!


New Year, New Shoot • NYC Glamour and Contemporary Portrait

Winter is not going to stop me from photographing outdoors. In fact, it’s the winter that has a beautiful soft light most of the daylight. Too cold out there? No problem, we can combine indoor and outdoor scenes.

Below are the photos from such shoot with Lilith. She is a model and was looking to have some glam headshots taken. Enjoy!


Yoga Instructor Headshots and Portraits • Brooklyn, NYC

Meredith is one of the most amazing and sweetest yoga instructors in Brooklyn, NYC.The photos below were taken on top of the roof. Why on top of the roof? Simply because that is exactly the place where the yoga classes take place (with Meredith teaching) whenever the weather allows it. Yes, I myself attend and love them. Enjoy the photos and remember to get in touch with me to schedule your photo session!


Handsome Men and their Rescued Pets Pose for a 2015 Calendar

Recently I was part of an amazing project to help sheltered animals. Two NYC charities, Pillows for Paws and Grandpa Dave’s Creature Comforts, organized it. I photographed eight handsome men with their rescued pets (read dogs, cats and bunnies). I met such amazing animals as well as people. There is a heart-warming story behind each photo. Get your Tails of NYC RescueMen 2015 Calendar to learn the 12 inspirational stories of New York City men coming to the rescue of animals in need. And to own a calendar you are not going to let your eyes go off. The best part – your donation goes to the sheltered animals.

Here is a little sneak peek:

James A. Pierce III (Mr. May), Broadway triple-threat, and Nakia who found each other through Facebook.


Italian Prince Lorenzo Borghese (Mr. January) and Thumper,  Norwegian Forest cat who is a polydactyl (he has 7 toes on each front paw and 6 on each rear paw.)

Have you ever donated/volunteered for a good cause? What was it?


A Girl with a Henna Tattoo

Nazz is one adorable girl. She is a makeup artist. But I guess you can easily tell from the photos! She did her own makeup and hair. And she looked glamorous!


Living in Maryland she visited New York City on a special occasion (wedding of her friend). And a special occasion calls for a special treat- gorgeous henna tattoo in this case. I am so glad I got a chance to celebrate it with her!


The photo session took place in Governor’s Island and the theme was “vintage”. Sound fun, right? Yes, it was!