Petra-Romano-Photography-Boudoir-Glamour-Portrait-001-IreneI picked up Petra’s card from a Gym in Brooklyn and placed it in my briefcase. When I got home, I placed it on my desk and proceeded to work. My assistant saw it and suggested that given that as the custom goes, I was to give my husband to be a wedding gift, the gift could be a series of sexy pictures of myself in the form of a book.

I sent Petra an Email, to which she responded promptly. We set up an appointment to accommodate my busy schedule on a Sunday. I did not think about it until the week prior to the session. I panicked. I had not bought anything, not the shoes, not the clothes and felt absolutely unprepared for the session. Petra reassured me and together we put together a few outfits.

The session went smoothly. The make-up artist listened to my concerns about looking natural, and did a beautiful job. Petra was comforting and eased my anxiety about posing by assuring me that she would not print anything unflattering.

I came in anxious and left feeling lighthearted and sexy.

She followed up with a meeting during which pictures were chosen and the book prepared.

The pictures were perfect. My husband to be loved the pictures.

The pictures represent what I do not see. They represent what I should see. Now when I do not feel sexy or beautiful, I look at the pictures and I am reminded that I do not always look like I feel.

Petra was instrumental in realizing this. While crafted and creative, she was able to put me at ease and allow my sexuality to shine through.

I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone woman or man, who wants to take a look at themselves from the outside in. A prospective needs to have in order to see the whole person.

Irene G., Queens, NY, boudoir client

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Photo of Chris SchermerhornAs a model, I love going into shoots to discover, explore, and learn.  After meeting Petra, I was so excited because I knew we would have a great deal of fun!  I was so comfortable the entire shoot and I remember not wanting it to end!  It was so relaxed and I felt like I was just hanging out with a friend.  I love that I was able to work with a photographer that was so friendly but still focused.  By the end of the shoot we had gotten so many shots beyond what we were looking for!  Looking back at those pictures makes me so proud!  It was a joy!

Chris S., Manhattan, NY, headshot client

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Photo of Azia, Boudoir PhotoshootThis is my second time working with Petra and I definitely recommend her! First of all she’s really fun to work with, and even though we hadn’t seen each other in a long time, it was like no time had passed. She’s really good at giving direction and her studio is gorgeous! Also the photos come out sooo good. Just really soft, flawless retouching. You can tell that she’s not only skilled but that she also puts in the time to make sure your photos com out really well and natural looking. I love working with Petra! I’m always pleased with the results.

Azia L., Brooklyn, NY, boudoir client

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It is hard to find a photographer that you can completely be yourself in front of. Even as a professional actress and dancer, it’s still never easy letting your guard down to let your inner light shine through. Petra was so fantastic and put me at ease and seemed to know every story I wanted to portray, without me even knowing what exactly I wanted, lol. All I knew was that I wanted to look and feel my best and that is how I walked away from her shoot feeling. From fitness shots, to dance and boudoir, Petra captured a side of me I didn’t even know existed! I definitely plan to keep using her as my photographer; personally and professionally. I highly recommend her work, as I’ve worked with many photographers who do not seem to do justice to individuality like her. Thank you Petra!!

Ashley G., Brooklyn, NY, contemporary portrait client

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Headshot of Lee Michael Garrett

Thank you sooo much. You were a joy to work with.

Lee G., NYC, headshot client





Portrait of Eva Z. by Petra Romano Photography

My biggest concern (before the photo shoot) was that I wouldn’t feel comfortable in the shoot or wouldn’t know what to do. I was also excited about it bc I’ve always wanted to be in a photoshoot. My favorite part of the session was the part where we put the fan on; because I was wearing my favorite outfit and bc I was encouraged to model a bit for the camera. I would say: Petra is a very friendly person who makes the environment very comfortable. She knows how to make a person in front of the camera comfortable in a very casual way. From the start to the end Petra will help you relax. Also the photos come out spectacular. She is a great photographer.

Eva Z., Brooklyn, NY, glamour portrait client

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Portrait of Kalin B. by Petra Romano PhotographyWorking with Petra Romano for the first time was a amazing experience. She meet with me prior to the shoot, to discuss the concepts, outfits, and details for the shoot, which allowed me to be fully prepared. During the shoot she was kind, gave clear instructions, and made the shoot so much fun. The photos came out beautiful and I am so glad I worked with her.

Kalin B., Yonkers, NY, contemporary portrait client

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Portrait of Jana W. and her daughter by Petra Romano Photography

I definitely don’t enjoy being the center of attention, and posing in front of a camera would be the last thing that comes to my mind when thinking about something fun to do.  I was not thrilled about this photo shoot idea but I was tempted just to have this experience with my daughter, so I thought to myself: “oh well, I will just try to go with the flow, and since I don’t have great expectations, I won’t have any regrets, except maybe being caught on camera ;o)”.  I could not have been further from the truth!

The session started for me first just by watching my daughter having fun in front of a camera.  She was posing like she was born to do it.  I was mesmerized.  My daughter and Petra worked together so great, it felt like they already rehearsed days before.  Then it became absolutely addicting.  I felt like I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and join the fun.  I was hesitant at first, but Petra was so awesome giving instructions, then everything just happened so fast.  There was no time to overthink anything anymore.  We had great conversations before, during & after the photo shoot, yet at the end I realized, it was a clever technique Petra used to get me to relax and stop thinking, but at the same time, our conversations felt very genuine.  I felt like Petra cared how I look and how I felt, and she definitely wanted me to have fun and love my pictures.  She took such awesome pictures, even when I was completely unaware, by getting me involved in conversation rather than which pose to strike.

At the beginning of our session, I already knew that I would probably end up not keeping pictures of myself and would get only pictures of my daughter, maybe a few of us together to refresh my memories when I would look back at them.  Once again, I could not have been further from the truth!  When I saw my pictures I was speechless.  They seemed so genuine, no smile or pose was forced or awkward.  I didn’t even know I was capable of so many facial expressions ;o).  I was totally stunned by Petra’s job!  The only problem I had was choosing the best pictures from the best.  I just wanted them all because each picture had something unique.  If it was not a facial expression then it was the scenery; if it was not the scenery then it was my hair ;o).  Each picture captured my attention in a different way and the process of elimination was almost impossible.

I would recommend Petra in a heartbeat.  The photo shoot experience was worth it, and the quality of her work is stunning.  She treated my daughter and I as if we were her only clients, and she kept retaking the pictures until she was satisfied with the results.  She indeed gave us all she had to offer.  The only regret I have is that she lives so far away, but I will find a reason to visit NYC again because it was totally worth it!

Jana W., Cincinnati, OH, glamour mother-daughter portrait client

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Portrait of Ilona B. by Petra Romano PhotographyOne of my biggest concern (before the photo shoot) was to have fun!!! And I did have fun! In fact it felt so good to spend time just for myself! When you have kids you not always feel yourself as a woman, more like a mom,wife…but very rarely as a woman…sexy and attractive. My best part was the entire shoot. The beginning, the middle of it and the end. I felt free…. I would recommend Petra as a photographer, just because I can not find the reason why not! Very easy and friendly atmosphere…while client relaxing and just enjoying, the professional freezes these moments forever into beautiful photo!

Ilona B., Brooklyn, NY, glamour/boudoir client

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Mother - daughter portrait of Ivanna P. by Petra Romano PhotographyI would like to say thank you to Petra for photo sessions she did for me and my family. She was so professional and well-prepared. Petra’s beautiful photography captured our family in moments of tenderness, warmth, and joy. Her patience and creativity did amazing memories for our family.

We had our first photo sessions with her for our kids and we were surprised how beautiful photos were done. Her work with kids gave us the special memory of our children we will have for a lifetime.

Next was family photo session. These were the most amazing pictures of our family I have ever seen. Petra has a gift for capturing beauty in every shot she takes. She has created the most beautiful and heart-warming pictures that tell a wonderful story of our family.

Then I had an unforgettable time and experience during my beauty photo shoot. She made me feel completely at ease and beautiful. Petra’s warm personality made the whole photo shoot experience relaxed and fun. I was surprised at how great the photos turned out.
I appreciated her patience and enthusiasm for her work. Thanks again Petra.

Ivanna P., Brooklyn, NY, glamour mother-daughter portrait client

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