Real, raw and timeless.

Freeze THE moments before they are gone.

By the PRO.

You have your first baby. Your life changes. Everybody told you so. You were ready for it, but it is a much bigger change than you expected. To better of course. Your whole word shifts and starts moving around your new baby. All of the sudden there is nothing more important. You hold the baby tight, you give her everything you possibly can. You are hoping you are doing a good job.

And then boom – she is one year old. You look through your cell phone photos and wish you had better ones. They are not organized and you can’t figure out if your baby was three or four months. You are also overwhelmed by the number of the photos. You wish you had less of them and they would be much better. And are you even in them?

Don’t let this happen to you. The slight changes you see every day in your child may not feel much each day, but they are tremendous from month to month. Let’s put aside the cell phones and let me capture the raw relationship you have. The look you give to each other. The gentle touches. The smiles that last only a few seconds at a time. Don’t let them fade in your memories. Because they will unless you have them captured. Get in touch with me now.


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