Second Boudoir Shoot with Ms A. and Her Thoughts


Ms. A came for her second boudoir shoot with me. It’s always fun to see the client second time as we know each other a bit better and the flow is even easier. I asked her to give me her feedback. Here is what she wrote:

“It’s never easy to take your clothes off in front of anyone for me, but with Petra I always feel comfortable. She’s really good at giving direction so you’re not just wondering whether or not the picture is good or will turn out right. I like working with Petra because I know the images will be perfect, retouched tastefully and always beautiful. I definitely would recommend anyone wanting a tasteful boudoir shoot to work with Petra because your images will be something you can be proud of. “


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  1. Jullene July 18, 2019 at 8:08 am #

    Please call about some pic Mrs Gayle 347-431-4095

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