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Brooklyn, NYC glamour and beauty portraits of women by photographer Petra Romano.

Sexy, Flirty, Beautiful • Brooklyn, NYC Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir photo of a NYC woman
Mrs J. came for a mini boudoir photoshoot and she rocked it! It’s the confidence that makes us sexy, remember? Yes, yes, yes, of course she was nervous when she got to the Brooklyn studio… just like everybody else! But once we started photographing she relaxed and had fun.


Boudoir photo of a NYC woman

A few days after the photoshoot (during our in-person consult) I learned Mrs J.’s age and remained stunned. She is 49 years old. Isn’t she just gorgeous? And I love her spirit too.


Boudoir photo of a NYC woman

I have been photographing boudoir of women of any age (18 and older) and any shape. I love when they decide to celebrate themselves. How would YOU like to celebrate yourself? Boudoir? Glamour? Fitness? Outdoors fun lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below. Or email me:!

Boudoir photo of a NYC woman

Girly Gala Glitz and Glam Event • Brooklyn Glamour Photographer

I just want to say: Brooklyn ladies, you rock! You all were gorgeous and it was hard to pick only a few of you for this blog post. Did I photograph you and you don’t see your photo below? Click the link at the end of the post to see all the images.

Would you like to have your own photoshoot? Get in touch with me!

Enjoy! And yes, I included the Hunky Men too ;-)

To see all the images click here!

Miss J. smiled at me: “I felt like a different person the next day” • Brooklyn NYC Boudoir Photographer

Miss J. is a gorgeous 40-something year old woman who wanted to celebrate her body and beauty. Recently divorced she feels stronger and more confident than ever. And I loved her for that. We experimented with different looks, but the afro hair is my personal most favorite. She looks elegant and gorgeous the most. Don’t you agree?


Miss J. chose the amazing 12×12 inches Signature Album (see the album below) and added a Metal Wall Artwork too.


Are you ready to shine for your boudoir or glamour photos? Drop a line to me. 


Second Boudoir Shoot with Ms A. and Her Thoughts


Ms. A came for her second boudoir shoot with me. It’s always fun to see the client second time as we know each other a bit better and the flow is even easier. I asked her to give me her feedback. Here is what she wrote:

“It’s never easy to take your clothes off in front of anyone for me, but with Petra I always feel comfortable. She’s really good at giving direction so you’re not just wondering whether or not the picture is good or will turn out right. I like working with Petra because I know the images will be perfect, retouched tastefully and always beautiful. I definitely would recommend anyone wanting a tasteful boudoir shoot to work with Petra because your images will be something you can be proud of. “


Over 50-Years-Old Fierce Woman Found a Perfect Gift for Herself • Brooklyn NYC Boudoir Photographer

The enquiry stated she is about to get married and wants a gift for her fiance. Somehow I immediately imagined 20-30 year old girl. Boy, was I wrong. Mrs I. is a proud 50 something year old power woman. We set up the date for her boudoir photoshoot and I guided her through the entire process from getting ready for the shoot to what to expect on the shoot date. It was a week before the photoshoot I got a panicky phone call. It is very natural women get so nervous right before the big day. I talked her through and in no time the shoot day arrived. 


Mrs I. came in blushed and humbled but warmed up as soon as she sit in the makeup seat. The whole session was such a blast! Ms I. found her confidence and she was unstoppable. Her words still ring in my ears–If I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. Well, guess what, we are planning a second shoot that may not be boudoir, but hey, we need to frame her fur babies too. And maybe even her husband ;-) 


See what Ms I. said about her shoot here.


Glamour Photo Shoot • Brooklyn, NYC Photographer

I am so glad Lilith came back to the studio for another shoot! This time, we kept it a bit fashion(y) as well as glamorous. I especially love the romantic feel in the first half of the shoot.


And then we went with more of a dramatic feel.


Visit my Instagram to see the behind the scene timelapse.


Happy Valentine’s Day from your favorite photographer!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves! What a perfect day to share some of Eric’s portraits I photographed recently. Well, some of the photos can be categorized as dudeoir and some have an editorial feel. Anyway, ladies, enjoy! And guys, get inspired… 



Eric Coy is a licensed massage therapist and a professional model. Visit his website here.

Ashley, Latin Ballroom Dancer • NYC Portrait Photographer

Ashley is such a talented girl! Beside her being a little fire cracker, she is a zumba addict and a yoga lover. But her main focus is on being a latin ballroom dancer. I had a chance to see her performing and I think she is amazing!


New Year, New Shoot • NYC Glamour and Contemporary Portrait

Winter is not going to stop me from photographing outdoors. In fact, it’s the winter that has a beautiful soft light most of the daylight. Too cold out there? No problem, we can combine indoor and outdoor scenes.

Below are the photos from such shoot with Lilith. She is a model and was looking to have some glam headshots taken. Enjoy!


A Girl with a Henna Tattoo

Nazz is one adorable girl. She is a makeup artist. But I guess you can easily tell from the photos! She did her own makeup and hair. And she looked glamorous!


Living in Maryland she visited New York City on a special occasion (wedding of her friend). And a special occasion calls for a special treat- gorgeous henna tattoo in this case. I am so glad I got a chance to celebrate it with her!


The photo session took place in Governor’s Island and the theme was “vintage”. Sound fun, right? Yes, it was!