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New Year, New Shoot • NYC Glamour and Contemporary Portrait

Winter is not going to stop me from photographing outdoors. In fact, it’s the winter that has a beautiful soft light most of the daylight. Too cold out there? No problem, we can combine indoor and outdoor scenes.

Below are the photos from such shoot with Lilith. She is a model and was looking to have some glam headshots taken. Enjoy!


Behind the Scene

Most of my photo shoots come with a professional make-up. No, it is not about transforming people into something they are not. The make-up artist accentuates one’s features. Once the make-up is applied I believe my clients feel more confident and let their true selves shine through. And so far nobody complained about getting all glammed up and spoiled.

Are you planning to book a shoot? Be sure to plan a night out the same day because you sure are going to look gorgeous and glamorous!