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I cannot stress enough the importance of your LinkedIn (or other social media) profile photo! And I see so many dark and/or low quality ones. My husband himself had such a photo for a really long time (see the photo on the right). It changed once I “dragged” him  to the studio. Yes, I had to drag him because he had his concerns. He liked his previous photo, because he was in his working clothes. I said it was not a problem, he could wear whatever he wants. Also, he didn’t want a cheesy expression. Like that was going to happen! He knew he wouldn’t get away with it, cheesy expressions are not my specialty.

Anyway, I think we nailed it! His current photo:

photocrati gallery

And here is what usually happens during any headshot shoot:

photocrati gallery

What is your concern or your excuse for not having a decent profile photo?

Petra Romano

Petra Romano is a portrait photographer located in New Jersey taking timeless photos that show off the beauty, style and personality of people.

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