Handsome Men and their Rescued Pets Pose for a 2015 Calendar

Handsome Men and their Rescued Pets Pose for a 2015 Calendar

Recently I was part of an amazing project to help sheltered animals. Two NYC charities, Pillows for Paws and Grandpa Dave’s Creature Comforts, organized it. I photographed eight handsome men with their rescued pets (read dogs, cats and bunnies). I met such amazing animals as well as people. There is a heart-warming story behind each photo. Get your Tails of NYC RescueMen 2015 Calendar to learn the 12 inspirational stories of New York City men coming to the rescue of animals in need. And to own a calendar you are not going to let your eyes go off. The best part – your donation goes to the sheltered animals.

Here is a little sneak peek:

photocrati galleryJames A. Pierce III (Mr. May), Broadway triple-threat, and Nakia who found each other through Facebook.


photocrati galleryItalian Prince Lorenzo Borghese (Mr. January) and Thumper,  Norwegian Forest cat who is a polydactyl (he has 7 toes on each front paw and 6 on each rear paw.)

Have you ever donated/volunteered for a good cause? What was it?


Petra Romano

Petra Romano is a portrait photographer located in New Jersey taking timeless photos that show off the beauty, style and personality of people.

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