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Brooklyn, NYC glamour and beauty portraits of women by photographer Petra Romano.

Having a Concept is Essential

Hearing the stories of people I’m about to photograph is very important not just for me but primarily for them. The more I know about them, the better concepts we can come up with for their portraits.

Let me tell you a bit about Kalin Brown. She is an aspiring model. We wanted to come up with three concepts. I listened to her story and learned she plays violin. Instantly we had our first concept.


She also wanted images with a bit of bohemian flavor and use flowers.


And the third concept was to photograph outdoors and to aim for a softer, dreamier feel.


What is your story? And how would you like to be photographed?

Behind the Scene

Most of my photo shoots come with a professional make-up. No, it is not about transforming people into something they are not. The make-up artist accentuates one’s features. Once the make-up is applied I believe my clients feel more confident and let their true selves shine through. And so far nobody complained about getting all glammed up and spoiled.

Are you planning to book a shoot? Be sure to plan a night out the same day because you sure are going to look gorgeous and glamorous!


Not-an-Ordinary Youtube Star(s)


Just like I photographed mother-daughter a few months ago, I got to do it again. Only this time it was two sisters with their mom. If they seem familiar to you, you most likely met them on Eva Danielas Kitchen youtube channel. I especially enjoyed a video of Eva and her brother cooking Patacones Rellenos a.k.a Stuffed Plantains. They make the cooking look so easy and delicious, I myself am looking forward to cook some! And please, believe me, I am a I’ll-just-make-a-baked-potato-today kind of the person… Make sure you stop by her channel and get some inspiration and/or learn to cook some exotic meal too!


Photographing Variety


I enjoy shooting variety of clothes, locations, and most importantly moods and emotions of my “models”.

Ms. I. is a mom of a young one who finally found the time for her and herself only. During the shoot she confessed: “I cannot believe I am actually doing something for myself! This is so relaxing!”


Snow White

This girl has a very special place in my heart. We share a life-long friendship and I will always see the beautiful innocence in her. It took some time to get a chance to photograph her (she lives in Europe.) However, it was worth the waiting. Don’t you just love the combination of her porcelain skin with her dark hair?


In the Middle of the Field…


… somehow, everything seems to be more romantic…


Mother Daughter Glamour Session

I so enjoyed this mother daughter glamour session I photographed recently. I loved seeing them both having a great time. The mom appreciated my constant help with posing and the 18-year-old daughter couldn’t get enough of modeling in front of my camera. The best part is they both got the chance to shine on their own as well as together.