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  • Chef, Health Coach and Yoga Teacher in One!

    Arianna Sertoli is a triple threat: clever chef, knowledgeable health coach and patient yoga teacher. She is a very warm person and easy to talk to. I asked her a little more about what she does and what inspires her. See the mini interview lower. Arianna, tell me exactly what do you do and what inspires […]

  • A Look into a Mind of a Pole Dancer

    You guys, who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, may remember the photo of a pole dancer. I wanted to share with you more than just the photo because Samantha is super inspirational and as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. She is a pole dancer, a personal trainer and a student finishing up her prerequisite courses […]

  • Yoga Instructor Headshots and Portraits • Brooklyn, NYC

    Yoga Instructor Headshots and Portraits • Brooklyn, NYC

    Meredith is one of the most amazing and sweetest yoga instructors in Brooklyn, NYC.The photos below were taken on top of the roof. Why on top of the roof? Simply because that is exactly the place where the yoga classes take place (with Meredith teaching) whenever the weather allows it. Yes, I myself attend and love them. […]

  • Having a Concept is Essential

    Having a Concept is Essential

    Hearing the stories of people I’m about to photograph is very important not just for me but primarily for them. The more I know about them, the better concepts we can come up with for their portraits. Let me tell you a bit about Kalin Brown. She is an aspiring model. We wanted to come […]

  • In the Middle of the Field…

    In the Middle of the Field…

    … somehow, everything seems to be more romantic…