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  • A Look into a Mind of a Pole Dancer

    You guys, who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, may remember the photo of a pole dancer. I wanted to share with you more than just the photo because Samantha is super inspirational and as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. She is a pole dancer, a personal trainer and a student finishing up her prerequisite courses […]

  • Ashley, Latin Ballroom Dancer • NYC Portrait Photographer

    Ashley, Latin Ballroom Dancer • NYC Portrait Photographer

    Ashley is such a talented girl! Beside her being a little fire cracker, she is a zumba addict and a yoga lover. But her main focus is on being a latin ballroom dancer. I had a chance to see her performing and I think she is amazing!

  • Dudeoir and Fine Art Photography for a Dancer/Actor

    I know what you are asking – What the heck is dudeoir? Well, you are most likely not going to find it in any dictionary, but it’s a real word. It is simply a boudoir (photography) for men. That means (not just) intimate, sexy photos of a guy: Now, since we put the term dudeoir […]

  • Namaste


    Ms. M. is such a beautiful woman inside-out. She is a great yoga teacher and an amazingly kind person who is not afraid to let go and have fun. See for yourself!