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  • Photographing Variety

    Photographing Variety

    I enjoy shooting variety of clothes, locations, and most importantly moods and emotions of my “models”. Ms. I. is a mom of a young one who finally found the time for her and herself only. During the shoot she confessed: “I cannot believe I am actually doing something for myself! This is so relaxing!”

  • Snow White

    Snow White

    This girl has a very special place in my heart. We share a life-long friendship and I will always see the beautiful innocence in her. It took some time to get a chance to photograph her (she lives in Europe.) However, it was worth the waiting. Don’t you just love the combination of her porcelain skin […]

  • Namaste


    Ms. M. is such a beautiful woman inside-out. She is a great yoga teacher and an amazingly kind person who is not afraid to let go and have fun. See for yourself!

  • In the Middle of the Field…

    In the Middle of the Field…

    … somehow, everything seems to be more romantic…

  • Celebrating the Boudoir Shoot

    Celebrating the Boudoir Shoot

    Since this is my very first post I thought I could celebrate it with the one of the very first boudoir shoots I photographed. Ms K. is an amazing woman who made my job seem easy by being beautifully confident, self aware and brave. It’s a pleasure to feature her right here.